We are storytellers. We make interactive experiences—stories designed to pull audiences into new worlds, where every choice we make is meaningful.

We are game designers. We believe that the worlds created by games are not inherently less important, and we’re committed to rooting out the disconnect between mechanic and theme.

We are experimenters. Entertainment creates culture, and culture creates reality. We’re dedicated to making a better, more just world through the creation of bold new realities.

We are not a PR Firm, but if you want to know more about who we are, please check out this post!

Whether we’re creating something for your needs or telling our own stories, our priority is a thoughtfully-designed experience.


From interactive games to fiction, comics, music, and even live events, we create experiences to ignite audiences. We develop new technologies while using old ones in new ways. We turn audiences into communities, and give them a place to be heard, to take part in our greater narratives.

We strive to be leaders in the industry, forging onward in innovation and inclusion. We strongly believe that entertainment can be art, that games can be meaningful, that stories have the power not only to make people think, but to help them. Other worlds can help us navigate this world, just as strongly as this world affects others.

Our Approach

What sets Silverstring Media apart is our commitment to something called “ludonarrative harmony.” It means that the mechanics of a story are developed to be perfectly synergistic with the narrative  design. It means that the themes we communicate exist in both the story and the method of the telling. It means that nothing we do is thoughtless, that every piece of a project is chosen specifically for what it accomplishes for the story.

Story is at the heart of everything we do. We want to create epic character-driven adventures, explorations of theme, and probings of what makes us human.

We carefully forge a story with its themes and messages, and the way we tell it is designed for the individual needs of the story or experience we’re trying to create.

We believe that time spent crafting and testing our designs is far better than time spent developing the prettiest graphics machines can run, and the effort of not taking our audience for granted will pay off tenfold.