Azrael's Stop

Azrael’s Stop is an experimental fiction and music project, about life, death, and friendship. It is the story of a mystical tavern and how the people who go there develop over the course of a year: Ceph, the seventeen-year-old bartender who has seen all his loved ones die; Tom, the depressed old man, whom death will not take; Rye, who visits every day, though he died a year ago; Nael, the blind minstrel who saw war too young; Lona, the mysterious hunter of the dead; Trin, the girl who refuses to deal with her past; and the crow who watches over it all, cawing only when someone dies in Azrael's Stop.

Azrael's Stop consists of a story told in daily pieces online, as well as an album of music that accompanies it, including many songs from the story. The best way to experience it is to purchase the full story as an ebook, along with the album. Both are available in our store. Azrael’s Stop will culminate in a separately-published anthology of stories submitted by its fans.

Azrael’s Stop is Silverstring Media’s first original production, with story written by Lucas J.W. Johnson and music by Devin Vibert, and it is the first introduction to the Flowforged setting that will feature in much of our work.

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