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"Encampment" is Dragon Age if the entire game took place in camp.

Spiritually inspired by Bioware writer Jennifer Helper’s assertion that gamers should be able to skip combat like they can skip cutscenes, Encampment is an epic fantasy adventure without the combat, without the repetitive gameplay mechanics, without the grind. It's all about the story and the relationships you form with your companions.

The heroine, Genevieve Derager, is the youngest daughter of a noble family -- a noble family that just plotted the assassination of the Queen. You must rush the queen to safety and find a way to return her to her rightful place on the throne.

This prototype of Encampment was created for the first  I Am A Gamer game jam. We plan on ultimately turning it into a full game!

Writing, Design and Development
Andrew Grant Wilson
Lucas J.W. Johnson

Devin Vibert (Website)

Justin Cameron

Produced by Silverstring Media Inc.

Made with RPG Maker VX Ace

Thanks to iamagamer for the game jam!