[Play Klef at the GGJ site]

Klef is a faerie looking for his lost boyfriend in the human world. But he can only navigate through the music that connects his world to ours. By making music, you must help Klef move through the world to find out what's wrong with the ley lines.

The game was an experiment in changing the way we usually interface with video games: rather than using visuals and direct commands (go up, go down, go forward), the character of Klef is controlled purely by the musical choices the player makes. Part of the puzzle is to determine how different musical expressions affect the movement of the character. By including a wide variety of musical options, the player is also invited not only to solve the puzzle, but to be creative and to create the music they want to create.

Klef is a prototype of a musical puzzle platformer, created at the 2014 Global Game Jam.

Game Design: Lucas J.W. Johnson and Andrew Grant Wilson

Chief Programmer: Jeffrey Herron

Additional Programming and Level Design: Andrew Grant Wilson

Art and Animation: Jesse Davidge and William Busby

Music and Audio: Devin Vibert

Story and Writing: Lucas J.W. Johnson

Voice Over: Jacob Burgess

Additional Audio: Tree of Audio


Produced by Silverstring Media Inc.

Special Thanks to Kimberly Voll and the Global Game Jam 2014 Team