Lizzie Bennet and Normalizing Transmedia

One of the things I really like about the transmedia movement is how many different people from different backgrounds independently arrive at transmedia. As a way of making the world the story, or making the people the story, or making you the story, or something... in the words of Hank Green of Pemberley Digital. And now, apparently, that group of people independently coming to transmedia includes one of my heroes, Hank Green. So that's pretty cool.

Hank runs the popular Vlogbrothers Youtube channel with his brother, YA author John Green; hosts two channels that were recipients of Youtube grants for original content, Crash Course and SciShow, founded VidCon, runs DFTBA Records, and about a zillion other things. He's also the Executive Producer of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, one of my favourite examples of transmedia storytelling, a simply fantastic experience that brought me to tears multiple times, and currently Kickstarting a DVD collection and their next series at 500% their target after less than a week.

The LBD is a webseries vlog-style modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. It includes around five distinct Youtube channels, and several Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. The main story is told purely through one primary Youtube channel, so all the rest is auxiliary. And yet--

And yet, what really caught my interest in the comments of the Kickstarter campaign's first update was this question:

Will the DVD include transmedia parts of the story, like twitter?

For a community that's had a lot of inner turmoil about the name, difficult times getting it into mainstream usage without it being seen as a meaningless buzzword, and different ideas of what it actually is, suddenly there's a dedicated fan community of a couple hundred thousand people who...get it.

Granted, it's not what you might call a 'mainstream' audience. But it still offers some idea that the movement does have legs, and there any many exciting things on the horizon. We just have to keep making.

I'm also happy for  my friend Jay Bushman, who was Transmedia Producer on Lizzie Bennet and is moving up to Showrunner for the new project! And still pretty crazy excited that Hank Green is doing transmedia. (If you need another transmedia person, Hank... I'm available, just saying ;))

Check out the LBD Kickstarter and pitch in for some transmedia awesomeness.