Call for submissions: Memory Insufficient Volume 3

We are delighted to start accepting pitches in anticipation of the forthcoming launch of Volume 3 of Memory Insufficient. In the coming months, we’ll be focusing on five themes: identity, failure, labour, ownership and art/architecture. Accepted work will be published on the new Memory Insufficient site, as well as in a monthly newsletter, a future PDF compendium of all essays on the same theme, and possible future print and audiobook collections.

April 2015 ~ April 2016


Identity | Failure | Labour | Ownership | Art and architecture

  • What was the role of ~ in the history of a particular game?
  • What has been the role of play or games in the history of ~?
  • How does this game portray the history of ~?
  • How has ~ affected your history as a player and/or designer?


Any kind of history will be accepted: social, biographic, documentary, personal, descriptive or polemical. We encourage a variety of writing styles, including poetry, visual essays and creative non-fiction as well as more standard essay style. Articles will be accepted on digital games, tabletop games, folk games, imaginary games, non-games and playful approaches to other media. Try to avoid a survey approach; we are looking for a maximum of 4 object studies per essay. If your essay draws on a particular disciplinary heritage, please suggest 4-5 texts for further reading.

Send pitches to:

with subject line: “Memory Insufficient, [[theme]]”