Silverstring Media business launch

Over the last few weeks, I've been working like a madman on a Sekrit Projekt, and it is finally ready to be revealed. You see it all around you as you read this post. Silverstring Media is being relaunched -- not just as a blog about transmedia written by me, but as a fully-fledged transmedia storytelling production business. Our mission statement: we are committed to exploring the power of stories, using whatever media best serves the narrative and engages the audience. Our primary concern is the effortless entertainment and enlightenment of the audience, with compelling story, accessibility, and insight across media, and with a focus on literature, music, games, the digital world, and education.

No longer a solo project, I've brought together a team of diverse skills to produce the best content we can in this burgeoning industry, at low cost but high value.

Check out our Facebook page and our new Twitter stream for news and information and to show your support.

Why Silverstring?

Silverstring comes from the name of a character I first created many years ago and who has stuck with me all this time. He is a bard, a musician, a storyteller, an actor, a herald. He travels through many worlds. He tries to help all he comes across. These are the founding pillars of Silverstring Media -- to tell great stories across multiple media, to create and develop deeply rich storyworlds and IP, and to have the result be thought-provoking, enlightening, and even educational.

Silverstring evokes the image of a musical instrument, and our logo takes the shape of a lyre. Music is one of our specialty mediums, embraced for its power not just to entertain, but to move, to touch those it encounters. Music has been a part of the storytelling tradition since ancient times, and the lyre especially has connections to the ancient Greek epics that influence all of our modern storytelling.

Finally, Silverstring is a idea that ties things together, connecting stories across multiple media, leading from one to the next in a common thread of idea and theme.

Going Forward will continue to be the home of analytical articles about practicing transmedia, but it will also be the home of our projects and our business. We launch our first project, Azrael's Stop, tomorrow, and we have many more to come.

We're focusing at first at developing our own properties, but we're also available to work for you. If you have need for a transmedia project, an idea for a story that you don't know how to execute, or some part of a larger project you need to outsource, we're ready and available to take on that work.

Send all questions and queries to Please spread the word. And most importantly, please enjoy.