Launching Azrael's Stop


Azrael's Stop, the bar where people come to die.

Today marks the launch of Azrael's Stop, Silverstring Media's first project. The project takes the form of daily Twitter fiction, a 140-character story that is a complete story in itself -- the snippet of a scene that gives the reader a sense of character, place, conflict and resolution. But each 140-character story builds on the others, revolving around the same characters and the same place -- a bar and inn called Azrael's Stop in the fantastical setting of Theore City, City of Mists, the biggest metropolis on the world of Kelemspar.

Each story should serve to entertain and provoke as it explores the characters of The Stop, but the true intent is to develop the story across time. As you follow along, you'll get a better sense of who these people are, where they have come from -- and where they might be going.

And the Twitter fiction is only the beginning. There is much more content to come.

But for now, I invite you to follow @AzraelsStop, sit back, and enjoy the story as it unfolds in real time, day by day.

But don't forget to leave an offering for the Angel of Death before you go. Otherwise, the hooded crow gets mighty cranky.