News: Site and Azrael's Stop

Things never seem to stop moving forward -- we bring you a couple of updates this week. Site Design: You may have noticed some slight changes in the site design. We're still settling in and finding our stride, and that includes constant fiddling with things! Besides the basic visual elements (I a much bigger fan of the new banner than the old one), the site should now be optimized for mobile devices as well.

We've also added a user registration option to the site. Some project content will only be available to registered users -- but don't worry, there's no requirements for registration or anything, we just want to get to know you! Registration is quick and easy -- just use the form at the top of the sidebar.

As always, comments are welcome! Let us know if you like what we're doing, or if you think it can be done better. We're always interested in doing things better.

Azrael's Stop: Our inaugural project has now been going strong for two weeks, as at least one twitter story a day begin to flesh out the inn and tavern known as the Stop, where they say people come to die. Are you following it yet? Check it out on Twitter at @AzraelsStop, or go to the project page for details.

And just today, we've added an Inside the Stop page, where you can find an overview of the setting, characters, and story of Azrael's Stop, and follow along the Twitter stories there as well. (Also, there's a map! Who doesn't like maps?)

Hope you enjoy. More big things are coming for Azrael's Stop and Silverstring Media.