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There's a few updates for us to share with  you this week. Azrael's Stop month end Yesterday marked the end of the first month of Azrael's Stop, and if you were following the story, you witnessed a bit of a special event. The Stop was visited by the travelling bard Floerian Silverstring (among other things, our namesake) who told a fairytale story of Biggles the Chicken.

That story is available here for you to read for free -- all you need to do is register for the site, which takes mere seconds. We hope you enjoy the story! I'm sure it's not the last we'll hear of Floerian and Biggles.

But it also marks the start of a trend -- at the end of each month of Azrael's Stop, we'll have bonus content for you, such as a short story. The content will never be necessary to enjoy the primary story of the Azrael's Stop as told via Twitter, but should serve as an enhancement to it.

As always, comments are welcome! (And if you've visited the Inside of the Stop, you may even encounter the hooded crow while there.)

Azrael's Stop archive We've also set up an archive page for Azrael's Stop. Here, every tweet will be archived in chronological order so you can always catch up on the story easily.

Check it out here.

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