Azrael's Stop Contest Results

I admit to a great deal of optimism in promising 10 winners for the Azrael's Stop death-themed Twitter fiction contest we launched a couple weeks ago, given that we received a grand total of five entries. However, every entry we did receive was of exceptional quality, so I have no qualms in rewarding the submitters! Each of them has received a copy of Elegy of the Twilight Prince, the song we are launching today as part of the Azrael's Stop story project. Thank you to the submitters, and we hope you enjoy the music. The entries are below:

Paul Burke: Jade perches at the empty bar. Old friends' faces wait patiently in the mirror behind the optics. "So. One last drink with us?"

dysfunction: “My son would have been about your age.””What happened to him?””I drowned him after he was born. Azrael has a special kind of pain waiting for me.” Her eyes closed.

Freda: When a dream of her long-dead father was gifted, it was bittersweet: wonderful to hear his voice, but then she missed him all over again.

Guy Gonzalez: “Clarence was wrong.” “Clarence?” “I knew they were better off without me.” “Stormcrow?” “Strongway. I’m ready now.” The crow was silent.

Simon Staffans: Death came calling today. I don’t know who opened the door. Someone did, perhaps one tired of living. Death came calling,and he was welcome.