News, April 4

This week brings a few pieces of news for Silverstring Media. Azrael's Stop Contest: Last month we announced a twitter fiction contest for our ongoing project Azrael's Stop. We didn't have as many entries as we had hoped, but the quality of the entries we did get was superb. The entries are posted here; each of the submitters received a copy of our just-released song Elegy of the Twilight Prince as a prize for participating.

Elegy of the Twilight Prince: As part of the Azrael's Stop project and storyline, last week we released a song titled Elegy of the Twilight Prince. The song exists within the storyworld of Azrael's Stop, performed by one of the characters, and seeks to add to the mythology of the world and the arc of the story, but it is also enjoyable all on its own as a pretty awesome song in its own right. You can purchase the song on the site here (as well as read the lyrics and listen to an audio sample).

We've also put the song under a Creative Commons license. You are free to share the song with people (though we appreciate it if you buy it from us) as well as use it for remixing, video creation, or whatever else you might want to do. You must only attribute Silverstring Media and link back to our site (and you cannot use it for commercial purposes). And if you do, let us know! We'd love to see what people do with our stuff.

Azrael's Stop on Facebook: We have also finally added a Facebook page for Azrael's Stop. If you don't use Twitter, or are afraid that the updates from Azrael's Stop will get lost in your Twitter stream, just like us on Facebook to get the latest story entries delivered to you there instead!

Email Subscription: We've also finally added an email subscription option for this site, through Feedburner. Just input your email address in the form on the right to get email updates whenever we add a new post to the blog!

As always, thanks for your support, and thanks again to those who submitted to our contest!