Azrael's Stop IF Release

At the end of every month of our twitter fiction project Azrael's Stop, we've released a piece of bonus content, something that stands alone from the primary story but serves to enhance it. At the end of February, it was a short story in the form of a kind of folk tale, told in-world by the travelling bard Floerian Silverstring. At the end of March, it was a song as performed by one of the characters, which you can actually buy and listen to. This month, we've just released Dreamscape, an Interactive Fiction game. The idea behind the game is to allow the audience to really get into the world of Azrael's Stop, explore the bar a little bit to make it that much more real in their minds, and to discover some of the background of the characters involved -- especially Ceph, the main character.

You start not knowing quite what situation you're in, but soon discover that Ceph is being plagued by nightmares, and that you can help put a stop to them.

We've released Dreamscape as an open beta. I'm no expert on IF, and I want to open it up to the audience to provide feedback and ideas. Azrael's Stop has been more than anything for me an opportunity to try new things, to test the potential of ideas and the possibilities of transmedia. I want to learn from this -- moreso, I hope everyone can learn from this.

So I invite you to try out Dreamscape, share your thoughts, and hopefully enjoy this deeper look into our story.