Writing in Fragments -- at Deus Ex Machinatio

This morning we have a guest post over at Andrea Phillips' blog, Deus Ex Machinatio. It's once again looking at Azrael's Stop and breaking it down and building it up again -- this time specifically from the perspective of writing it and the structure I chose. An excerpt:

A big piece of that was in the structure of the writing. The problem with writing in a way that doesn’t require my audience to spend a lot of time on my project is that my audience then doesn’t spend a lot of time on my project. The benefits of microfiction or flash fiction -- allowing the audience to piece together what’s going on from minimal detail, to tease out the story in these fragments -- is that if they have no foundation, no sense of the story to start with, they have nowhere to stand and build from. A snatch of dialogue is only useful for setting up a character if you know who the character is.

It’s like putting together a puzzle. First you find the corners, then the edges, so you have something to build from. But I hadn’t provided the edges -- or even the picture on the box to let you know what you were making.

Check out the full post here.