Nael Darkfell

My experimental transmedia fiction project Azrael's Stop has been going again for about a month and a half, which means we're nearing the halfway point of the year-long story. I'm hoping that things are going to be even more interesting going forward as we try out a couple more cool experiments, and the story amps up a bit. So far we've been introduced to the bar, Azrael's Stop where people seem to come when they're ready to die, or when they need the camaraderie of others who have seen death. We've met the main characters, and their conflicts: Ceph, who wants to live but doesn't know how after seeing so much death; Rye, stuck in Limbo while the boy he loves can't seem to live himself; Nael, wise but unable to forgive the past. And others: Old Tom, who finally died when he forgave himself; Lona, the huntress who seems to know too much; and Trin, the girl who doesn't seem to belong at the Stop.

With Tom gone, Ceph is even more lost than before. Lona and Trin have shaken up his unchanging world. And now Nael has been kicked out for his disrespect, and Ceph is left with few to turn to.

If you haven't been following, now is a great time to start. You can find the complete archives of the story so far at Book Country and Wattpad, and up to Chapter 4 at Scribd and our main website. You can listen to the audio play that tells the story of Old Tom's long-awaited passing, and check out Nael's music.

But what's become of Nael since being kicked out of the Stop? While we await his return, I decided to show his story a little bit as well. As an extension of the experiment, we've brought Nael into social media as an independent character and musician in his own right.

We don't have tons planned for this little part of the experiment, but you can follow Nael on Twitter and Facebook -- and interact with him! -- as well as check out his music on Bandcamp.

I'm mostly interested in having fun with this little extension of the project, seeing where it goes, and seeing what I can learn about running a fictional character online. I'd love for you to join me -- and Nael.

As always, comments and questions are welcome! What would you want to see from Nael?