Future of Transmedia Vancouver

Back in May, Transmedia Vancouver held its meetup somewhat in celebration of having been active for a whole year. Besides having a good discussion of ideas and projects, we talked a bit about where we wanted Transmedia Vancouver to go in the future -- did we want to go the Transmedia New York route and become a full-on non-profit organization? Did we want to be a professional organization of some kind? An incubator? All had their perks, but ultimately moved the group out of what we really love about the group -- being a simple community of like-minded individuals. Not to mention the fact that all those options involved a whole lot of work that I certainly didn't have the time for.

But that said, we needed to make sure that each meetup was still going to be worth the time of the people coming, and the haphazard way I was throwing meetups together didn't always make for experiences that were as good as they could be. After discussions at the meetup, and a couple meetings with some of the group members, I now have a way to move forward, without losing the community feel, but providing a better experience overall.

I'm going to start organizing an approximate schedule for the full next year of events, but these events will fall into specific categories.

Introduction Series

The Introduction Series will cater specifically to people who are a bit newer to transmedia, the concepts we discuss, and the local digital industry. We'll start with an Introduction to Transmedia class, and include some things like Introduction to Funding Opportunities, etc. We want to bring the members of the community who are new to all this up to the level of those of us who have been doing it for some time, so we can all have better conversations that move us all forward.

Have a specific introductory topic you'd like covered? Let me know at contact@transmediavancouver.com or leave a comment here.


The Masterclass series will delve deeper into much more specific topics. Interactive theatre, digital anthropology, augmented reality. Things that may not be transmedia themselves, but would be of great interest to some of us at least in the community. Classes to really expand our breadth of media knowledge. There will also be sessions of detailed topics like, How to Fill Out a CMF Application.

While no Transmedia Vancouver meetup will ever be restricted in who can attend -- that's important to me -- the masterclasses will assume a base level of knowledge. If you've never applied for any kind of funding, go to the Introduction to Funding Opportunities before you come to a How to Fill Out a CMF Application, and know that a lot of the discussion might go into specifics of the application that will go over your head if you've never done it before. We want to elevate the conversation, and more forward.

Have a masterclass topic you'd like covered? Let me know at contact@transmediavancouver.com or leave a comment here.

Meet the Creator

Much like our existing guest speakers have been, these will be speakers talking about themselves and where they came from, and case studies of projects they've worked on. We can always learn more by seeing the experiences of others, and these will also be a chance to find out more about people you may want to collaborate with.

Group Member Workshops

Finally, separate from the official meetups, Transmedia Vancouver will facilitate the workshopping of our members' projects. If you have a project you want the group to discuss, to help you out, you'll be able to submit it to Transmedia Vancouver, and we'll send it out to the whole group. Anyone who's interested can gather somewhere with you to discuss your project in greater detail. A small discussion group tackling a very specific topic.

The idea for all of these is that the meetups don't all have to appeal to everyone in the group, but there should be something for everyone over the year.

I'll be updating transmediavancouver.com this summer as I begin to plan the year ahead. If you know of a great local guest speaker or someone who will be in town, let me know! Looking forward to another great year of meetups.