A Wild Lucas in the World

I'm soon to head off on a bit of a vacation and so will be mostly silent on my various channels. But before I do, I wanted to point out a couple awesome things! Learn Do Share

Back in March, Karen Wehner, Laura Fleming and I put together a panel discussion at DIY Days on transmedia in education. One of the goals of DIY Days was to put together a book detailing the innovation and events of the day. That little book is now available!

Check out http://learndoshare.net/#/about to download the pdf; the piece on our panel is on page 36 (and a couple of my tweets of the day made it in elsewhere as well!).


I will be attending ARGFest-o-Con for the second year, in Toronto on July 26-28! It's a great conference and celebration of ARGs and transmedia storytelling with some of the most awesome people around, and being in Toronto is going to give it a great Canadian feel this year.

This year, I'm actually on the docket! I'll be moderating a panel on bringing business practices to creative endeavours, which should be very interesting (both as a topic and an experience!). You can see me on the speakers list at http://2012.argfestocon.com/archives/speaker-lucas-johnson

If you're going to be in Toronto, I hope to see you there!

And now, I must pack for a much-needed rest ^_^