Introduction to Transmedia Class

Last week at Transmedia Vancouver, I presented an Introduction to Transmedia class. I wanted to cover a lot of the overview and basics of transmedia storytelling for those members new to transmedia and provide them with resources, so that in the future, our conversations can really move forward, into the nuts and bolts, into a space where we can all learn from each other. Below is my presentation from that night. I should note that it's all based onĀ my view of the transmedia industry and community; the categories I outline (drawn from my original overview of transmedia post) are my own, and aren't meant to be strict categories. There are a lot of blurred lines, and I like to be as inclusive as possible.

Other recent resources of note: Rob Pratten's Top 5 Best Practices of Creating Transmedia Entertainment, and an awesome presentation by Lance Weiler on building Storyworlds.

I know my lists of resources and the like are incomplete, and I'd like to keep them updated. Are there any other resources you routinely use or people we should all know and follow? What have I forgotten?