We Interrupt this Broadcast...

Hello everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that Memory Insufficient editor Zoya Street has agreed to step onto our board of advisors. Effective immediately, Zoya will be offering Silverstring his immense academic expertise on games history, design history, and material culture studies. Additionally, we also expect Zoya's experience as a journalist covering free-to-play games, and his industry savvy as an analyst of changing business models will also prove invaluable.

We are so proud to be surrounded by such amazing thinkers, creators, and activists from a variety of fields. We look forward to the many ways Zoya is sure to improve our work.

The second announcement is also about Zoya -- quite a popular chap these days, isn't he?

Zoya needs your help! He is currently crowd-funding his next work of game design history: a book on the history of mobile games that begins in 1998, shortly after Snake was released on the Nokia 5110 (the first cell phone to feature a game), and goes until 2008, the year the App Store was launched.

Examining this period of time is critical to understanding how personal, portable devices have changed our culture, our societies, and our lives. We are extremely excited that Zoya, a thinker that we have a huge amount of respect for, is going to tackle this subject. Both of his previous books, Dreamcast Worlds (a design history of the Dreamcast console, and close reading of 3 seminal videogames), and Delay (an examination of energy mechanics, microtransactions, and immersion) were absolutely fantastic.

Zoya has been diligently updating his campaign with short interviews, insights, and essays, including this fantastic sneak-peek at the kind of examination he is looking to craft. We cannot encourage you enough to check out and support his campaign! It is so so important that we as a community support this kind of work.