Critical Games Publication Memory Insufficient joining forces with Silverstring Media

Smart games criticism is a vital part of a healthy industry culture, and Silverstring Media is committing itself to helping keep it alive. That's why we're bringing Memory Insufficient, a critical games publication created by Zoya Street, under our umbrella. Street will take on a position as Editor-in-Chief of Silverstring’s new critical publishing arm immediately, with Volume 3 of Memory Insufficient launching on a new site in April 2015.

Memory Insufficient has been featured in New Inquiry and Critical Distance as an exemplary project in games writing, particularly for its focus on feminism and minority issues. Until now it has been a monthly PDF ezine collecting themed essays on the intersection between history and games. In April, volume 3 of Memory Insufficient will be launching on the Silverstring site as a new multi-format experience, designed to challenge established modes of reading and sharing content online, encouraging relaxed long-reads.

We are deeply committed to healthy and critical discussion of games, interactive experiences, art and culture of all sorts, and are hoping to help create a strong intellectual community for  game developers and creatives.

"I have long been interested in the analysis and criticism of videogames and other new media, especially approaching the endeavour as a creator" says Silverstring partner Claris Cyarron. "We, as an institution, are looking to help close the gap between creation and criticism, fostering more and deeper feedback between the act of 'reading' a work and the act of 'writing' one."

Zoya says: “I’m thrilled to bring games history into closer contact with game design practice. I founded Memory Insufficient two years ago in part because I had been reflecting on how designers in other fields benefit from critical and historical studies into their own craft. Today, there’s a growing body of critically-engaged game designers doing cutting-edge work. This partnership is another important step in that direction."

The launch of Volume 3 of Memory Insufficient will officially happen in April this year, but until then, the Silverstring team will be posting critical essays on our temporary Memory Insufficient blog, where you can also find our new publishing manifesto and official announcement. And remember, you can always keep abreast of the latest news and updates by signing up to the Silverstring newsletter!