So Long and Thanks for All the Felix

This week, it is with a measure of sadness and joy that we wish our good friend Felix Kramer (@Legobutts on twitter) all the best as they leave the Silverstring team to move on to new ventures in new places.

In addition to being a great friend and champion of the company, Felix worked with us in the past on the PR and marketing for our projects. Now, they are moving on to exciting new projects elsewhere.

At the core of Silverstring Media is the creative partnership between Claris and Lucas, but we could not be successful without the hard work and extreme talent of many other awesome people who step in to work with us on different projects. Felix was one of those people, and we will forever be grateful for their help and contribution. Although the parting is sad, it's always nice to see those people move on to new opportunities, and we have full confidence that Felix will do great things in their new position.