A soundtrack for a tabletop game -- composed as it's played

Great projects can only come from experimentation, and music has always been a strong part of the stories Silverstring Media tells -- from the soundtrack-accompanied fiction of Azrael's Stop to the mood-setting glitchy meditations of Glitchhikers. Today, the media company continues on that path with the launch of Volume II of its experimental soundtrack project The Edge.

Conceived by Silverstring's resident composer Devin Vibert, The Edge is a multi-volume soundtrack created to accompany a tabletop role-playing campaign that he runs. "Basically, we run a session, and in the next week or so I write music that is tied to the events of that day," he writes for Memory Insufficient. "We're into the second volume of music now, which over 33 songs (divided across two albums) documents my player's continuing adventures in a fantasy world of my creation." Once a week, Silverstring Media posts a single track from the album on YouTube, accompanied by a synopsis of the in-game events that occurred and some thoughts from Devin on the musical decisions he made. Meanwhile, the full albums are available to buy from Silverstring's website.

More than just a soundtrack for a game, The Edge is itself an experimental project. Through it, Devin explores the challenge of weaving leitmotifs into his compositions without knowing the entirety of the story he's telling -- how it will end, what will be important, or even who will survive to the end -- certainly a different process from most game scores.

He writes, "I see Volume I as an introduction: the players, the characters, and the music are all struggling to settle into a comfort zone. Volume II is the start of the meat of the adventure, and the music -- finally having figured out what it is supposed to be doing -- is beginning to sound awfully convincing."

Part 1 of Volume II launches today, with Track 1: Departure at Dawn published on Silverstring's YouTube channel, and the full album available to buy from their website. You can read Devin's full thoughts about the project at Memory Insufficient, and you can keep abreast of the latest news and updates by signing up to the Silverstring newsletter at silverstringmedia.com.