Glitchhikers Interviews

In the months after releasing Glitchhikers, we saw a great deal of great critical reception, and are always seeing new people find the game and getting interested in it -- which is a great honour for us. We never thought it would have such a lasting impact.

Over the last few months we've even been asked to do a few interviews about Glitchhikers, and were happy to give a little more insight from our perspective into the design and creation of Glitchhikers, and what we hope people take from it.

Making Glitchhikers, A Short Drive on a Long Road, by Michael Rougeau for Animal New York

It began with a drive that the game’s artist and programmer, ceMelusine, had taken many times before. “I kind of go down to Washington state every year with my friend, and we always end up driving back up to Canada in the middle of the night, like overnight,” he described. “So one of these times we were driving back up and it was like 3 or 4am, we were driving on the highway, and there was a flickering streetlight on a road that was running parallel to the highway. And I was tired and kind of dazed and staring at it, and it seemed like a nice moment, so I sort of pitched this idea of a game that captured that feeling.”
“A big driving force for us creatively is in experimenting with form and function,” Lucas said. “I never want to “only” make games, I never want to be held back by someone’s definition of what a game is or can be, and I don’t particularly care to make the kinds of games everyone else makes. We’re constantly trying new things and pushing at the boundaries, with the only goal of making cool stuff. We also have a very strong commitment to creating diverse stories – furthering feminist and queer agendas especially.”
Were the random conversations the player can have with the hitch hikers in the car inspired by real conversations or were they created along with the game?

”I’ve actually had a conversation with a pregnant alien.”

Don't forget to check out Glitchhikers for yourself!