Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz Coverage

Since releasing our latest game, Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz, we've received some great press from people who really got what we were going for with the project. Below are some of our favourite pieces -- and don't forget, this is only part one of a larger project still to come!

The Dusty Dead: A Narrative Personality Quiz, by Eve Golden Woods on Women Write About Comics

Both the Bas-Lag novels and The Dusty Dead awaken the imagination to action almost as a defensive response. In the face of this wave of names and words and worlds you can’t possibly know, you focus on one and begin to map its internal coordinates. You imagine, perhaps, the translucent chitinous exoskeleton of Ghoran-Garen, opalescent against the yellow-green sky. It smells not of rot or mold but of sweet dust. Tapping it creates a ringing sound, like wind chimes or whispered chanting—though this is unwise, given the many children of the giant who come rushing to the sound to look for prey. You find a nook that someone used before, where they have left prayer-beads and a small statue of an unknown saint, and hunch in to wait out the rain, your diamond-edged sword across your knees.

Of course, this is only a fragment. Only a dream. I find it fascinating though, that I have seen other people who played the game composing their own mini-narratives over Twitter, happily pulling meaning from this gulf of language. That is always the first instinct we have. I think that’s only strengthened by the fact that the you of the central narrative in The Dusty Dead is a total unknown.
— Eve Golden Woods’s a small thing but I dig it. The questions are baffling and filled with sprawling sci-fi saga tripe and lorebombs – who’s Old Jiricite or the Mother of Ravens? – and yet! The sci-fi guff is standard enough to be relatable so, like Glitchhikers, it asking makes you take the question inside to try to make sense of the options (which seem broadly to be along lines like seeking oblivion, power, or to hack the planet), and drags part of you out into them. Every identity quiz does, really, but the mystifying background encourages more contemplation – and other identity quizzes rarely end with showing you a gnarly skeleton.
— Alice O'Connor
It’s unnerving and it’s meant to be. So much of what we do on the internet is automatic that we don’t often think of the data and information we are putting out into the world; everything is designed to look friendly, tailored to your own needs. Very rarely do we consciously consider who – or what – might be watching. Waiting.
— Alice Percy
In a rather interesting twist, despite the franchise not existing, if you let yourself be drawn in, you find that you spend some time choosing your answers appropriately, much the same as a member of a fandom certainly would. It speaks to the power of viral marketing that the questions still feel important regardless.
— John Bridgman
This is probably Dusty Dead’s greatest strength – where typical identity quizzes lead takers in the obvious directions of characters they know and love, this one has no frame of reference. In turn, I saw more of myself in the results I got than I would have in any other personality test. This feels like the game’s very indirect way of saying that’s all we get from personality tests – reflections of ourselves.
— Dakota Corley

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