Bringing a new project to the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival - the Launch of ConQuest

It's been a while since we've posted any news here, which has mostly been a result of having our heads down working hard on multiple big projects. Well, one of those is about to launch.

"ConQuest" is a concept we've been working on for a couple years, a way to use location-based technology and our unique design skills as a writer and architect to develop live story/game experiences at events like conventions and conferences.

It's ultimately going to be a whole new service that Silverstring provides, developing custom location- and event-based experiences, but for now we're launching a beta test of our concept (with its own unique experience) at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, May 21-22 in Vancouver!

We'll have cool story told through an app, great rewards from the participating artists, and a live actor interacting with attendees all weekend. If you're in town, you should totally come check it out! VanCAF is free to attend, and the ConQuest experience there will be completely free to play.

Check out for a small taste, or our press release below.

Global first from Silverstring Media comes to Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

Vancouver-based digital storytelling developers Silverstring Media have selected the popular Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VanCAF) as the world-wide launch event for ConQuest, a live interactive experience that adds story and magic to festivals and conventions via its mobile app and location-based technology.

The project, which is currently in beta, is a first of its kind to bring an interactive game-like experience to a convention through a mobile app, location-based technologies, physical objects, and live actors, while also providing information about the festival, offering rewards from its exhibitors, and focusing on the themes of the event.

"We've seen alternate reality games at conventions that distract from the con experience that people come for," says Silverstring Media's CEO and ConQuest producer Lucas J.W. Johnson. "We've also seen events that are chaotic and impossible to navigate. Thus, ConQuest is about enhancing the con experience, using the mobile app to direct people to great content, give them something to do while waiting in lines, and allowing exhibitors to connect directly to attendees." This ConQuest beta test is powered by a platform called, and designed with the help of Switch United, both local companies; it's funded with the help of the Canada Media Fund.

The interactive story experience created for VanCAF will be called "The Patron" and will focus on the festival's celebration of comic art, driven through a mobile app and featuring a live actor who will interact with artists and attendees throughout the weekend-long event. There's a lot for attendees to experience at VanCAF, and Silverstring wants to make sure they get the most out of the weekend: the project will allow participants to help curate a selection of art from local artists, learn about art history, create their own comics, and uncover the story of the mysterious figure called the Patron.

The experience at VanCAF is a beta test of ConQuest; each different event would have a unique ConQuest deployment. "We're writings and we're designers," Lucas says. "We're content creators -- we want to use this service to create unique experiences for all sorts of events, from conventions and conferences to museums and city-wide festivals. With our team and the technology we're working with, it will be easier than ever to do so."

Silverstring Media is known for the writing in award-winning videogames, their own projects like the altgame Glitchhikers and the experimental fiction project Azrael's Stop, and their involvement in the local transmedia and game communities. "The Patron" ConQuest experience will be presented at VanCAF at the Roundhouse, May 21-22. The VanCAF game app, which doubles as a conference app with a map and schedule, will be available for free a week before the event. You can see a preview now at


About Silverstring Media:

Silverstring Media is a new media design and production company in Vancouver, BC, focusing on innovative storytelling, inclusive games, and experimentation. It released the critically-acclaimed and Canadian Videogame Award-finalist Glitchhikers in 2014, wrote the narrative elements of IGF- and IndieCade-nominated Extrasolar, and continually develops its own experimental projects.

About VanCAF:

The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is a weekend-long celebration of comics that enjoyed its launch in May 2012. The festival features readings, panels, and workshops, culminating in a two-day exhibition for cartoonists from across the country and down the coast.

VanCAF is meant for everyone, whether they’re comic professionals, die-hard fans, or casual readers. For this reason, admission to all events is completely free, and participating fees for exhibitors are kept as low as possible. The festival seeks to support Vancouver comics, encouraging local creators and stories.


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