Below are some samples of the kind of services we offer:


[noun]: an intense period of design activity

Sometimes you have a great idea but don't know how to execute. Sometimes it's hard to know if a concept is good, or where the strengths lie. Sometimes you just need a design jam to find your project’s path.

Send us your concept and the pain points you have, and we'll spend an hour with you to jam. By the end, we'll deliver our suggestions for your next steps to make your project as good as it can be, and show you where it really shines.

After the meeting, we will deliver a summary of our ideas and notes, tips for taking your project to the next level of design, theme, and story.

This is for you if:
~ you're a producer or indie creator just starting a new project and want to get the direction, themes, or design right
~ you're a company in early stage planning looking to work interactive concepts into your project
~ you're mid-project, and need a fresh pair of eyes and brains

ELEVATION ~ $5,000

[noun]: 1) the action or fact of being elevated; 2) a scale drawing of the upright parts of a structure

You put a lot of effort and love into your project, but sometimes there's that one thing you can't figure out or make work.

Bring us on to help solve a problem with your project, whether a game design element isn't quite meshing, or your dialogue isn't quite clicking. We'll put our expertise to the problem and deliver a solution that will work with your vision, and elevate it.

We'll meet with you to find your pain points, and work with you and your team to devise a solution, workshop it with you, and deliver it within a month.

This is for you if:
~ you're a developer with a great game and great concept, and want the story or dialogue to be just as strong
~ you're company needs a bit of high-quality writing or design and doesn't have the in-house team for it
~ you're trying to get Canadian funding for a great idea but don't know where to start with the application forms and requirements; you want to make sure your concept will hit the mark, but don’t know how best to pitch it.

PLAN ~ $15,000

[noun]: 1) a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something; 2) a top-down drawing of the features, relationships, and structure of a space

When you're starting a new project, you want to make sure things are getting off on the right foot. The ideas you want to explore should be reflected throughout your digital project, with the core themes unifying the design, narrative, and aesthetics.

Bring us in to work directly with you as you develop your initial plans. We'll work closely with your team to workshop the entire project, from concept to design to story to themes, over the course of a few weeks.

We'll develop and deliver to you a full design document and story bible to fit your vision, and then continue to check in with you over the course of production to help you keep it on track.

This is for you if:
~ you are embarking on a new project and want the Silverstring touch to make sure it's as rich and resonant as it can be
~ you are mid-project and things are beginning to unravel, or you're realizing that everything isn't quite as tight as you'd thought, and need help getting it back on track to produce the best project you can
~ you're a company that doesn't normally do interactive digital media and need an experienced and thorough team to take you through the process

DESIGN-BUILD ~ 20,000+

[noun]: Contracting design and construction services by a single entity, creating a single point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risks and overall costs.

Have something else in mind?

We’ve got award-winning experience as editors, writers, designers, architects, composers, developers, producers. Bring one or more of us fully onto your team and let's see where we can take you.

Whatever your needs, we have the people to do it. Contract through Silverstring to keep things simple and ensure the highest quality.

This is for you if:
~ you have a game idea and no one to build it
~ you're a producer who needs an entire transmedia or interactive arm to your project
~ you're missing that one perfect team member