“You are what you choose to remember.”

Progeny is a VR game for the HTC Vive played over multiple short sessions that takes place during those few seconds between “You Died” and videogame resurrection. It presents players with a sci-fi world, seen only through their deceased character’s memories, and a choice: which of those memories do they take with them into the next life?

In Progeny, you are a clone—the 7th of your line—undergoing the routine process of transferring your progenitor’s memory into your mind. A voice guides you through the process, and a message from your (former) self encourages your ambition. But there’s a hitch: the knowledge from your myriad lives is too much to contain in your finite brain, and with every clone generation, it just gets worse. Review the report of your previous life & choose which of your many memories you wish to take with you before embarking on a new one; the memories you pick will help determine the kind of person you become, leading to new adventures, and thus, new memories.

And then... you do it all again. Immortality isn’t always glamorous, but really, what’s the alternative?


  • Soothing virtual environments to ease your new-life-transition

  • An unfeeling A.I. to guide you through purgatory

  • Branching story arc told over several sessions & playthroughs: Transcend the limits of your death and attempt to carve a multi-generational legacy

  • Secret endings?!

Available Now on Steam, Free

Also available on itch.io

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Silverstring Media Inc.

Created for Global Game Jam 2017

Concept by Claris Cyarron

Produced by Lucas J.W. Johnson

Designed by Claris Cyarron, Lucas J.W. Johnson, and Anna Wolff

Written by Lucas J.W. Johnson and Claris Cyarron

Additional Writing by Danniele Livengood

System Design by Lucas J.W. Johnson

Lead Programming by ceMelusine

Programming by Julie Benoit

3D Art by Marita Bradley

2D Art by Anna Wolff and Marita Bradley

Additional 2D Art by Chris Cold, Vivian Huang, and Kiku Hughes

Sound Design and Voice Acting by Danniele Livengood

Music (and PA chime) by Devin Vibert

Project Management by ceMelusine and Lucas J.W. Johnson

Additional code and assets by Colin and Sarah Northway

Craft Services by Lucas J.W. Johnson, Claris Cyarron, and Julie Benoit