The Time Tribe

The Time Tribe is a time travel adventure story for kids. It combines role-playing and puzzle-solving in a tablet and browser-based adventure game featuring real world artifacts, letters, and stories to build out a narrative filled with rich and quirky characters, dastardly plots, actual history and archaeology.

Four children are brought to an old manor house in upstate New York under mysterious circumstances to live with a new guardian. They discover that they are the last members of an ancient organization called The Time Tribeand that with the right Timekeys, they can travel through time to eras long past. But they also learn that dark forces are working against thema rival clan that values greed and personal gain over preserving relics of history and helping those who suffer, and who seek to trap the children in the past...

Silverstring Media co-produces The Time Tribe with ThunderSnow Media, contributing story design and game design, development of transmedia concepts, and general script writing in what has been a true collaboration to bring this vision to life.

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Quietly brilliant... a wonderful experience.
8/10: A joy to explore... truly a quality game.
— GamesFiend
I can see plenty of parents having a “They don’t make games like this any more” reaction to The Time Tribe, but in reality, there were never that many games as refreshingly outside of the norm as this one. If you’re looking for a smart alternative to the usual fare for your pre-teen, you just found it. 4/5
— Gamezebo